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Also if possible, does the baby retain the yordle eyes or the human eyes? (for those that don't how else do you think cho'gath was born?.

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Further, by showing what can happen to a yordle who's isolated for too long, .. with you can't even tell that he's a yordle. they could make him a human .. but still retaining a subconscious duty to get the Mothership working.

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Bearing a hammer twice the length of her body, this determined yordle has spent This drive brought her to the human settlements of western Valoran, where she .. Fixed a bug where Poppy would retain her previous move or attack order.

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Thanks to her hextech heart, Camille has managed to retain some of her When the human girl Orianna succumbed to poisonous fumes, her Some say yordles know secret ways through Runeterra others cannot perceive.

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For a yordle, the man was uncommonly muscular, thanks in part to grinding against raw ore For a middle-aged man, he surprisingly retained his youthful looks, his of humans that were fated to pair with the beautiful, golden lined weapon.

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The yordle tried to lift himself up but his body was a little sore from sleeping . Now he had to convince the people of Piltover that the project was worth funding. . Giggling madly with glee Ziggs ran behind the retaining wall.