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The solution adopted by the consortium to face this . the end of the project is close, the consortium has plans to offer easy access to XtreemOS.

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Ease of use. A number of XtreemOS features provide a user with an easy migration from a familiar local Linux .. faces and also user and administrator manuals.

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XtreemOS is a distributed operating system for large-scale . In order to provide powerful services to users, cloud systems face many .. node could be used by XtreemOS as a simple XtreemOS node (basic case), as.

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PDF | XtreemOS is a Linux-based operating system with native support for virtual organizations (VO's), for building large-scale resource federations. XtreemOS.

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portant basic services or functionalities directly into the operating faces. Deliverable D, November [43] XtreemOS Consortium.

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XtreemOS-MD SSO A Plugable, Modular SSO Software for Mobile Grids José Mar for easy integration of mobile devices into the Grid as part of XtreemOS project, solution should face two unavoidable requirements in order to succeed : the.