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Johnny Depp dated Winona Ryder - June - The couple me at the premiere of 'Great Balls of Fire!' in June and started dating shortly after.

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Winona Ryder recently came to Johnny Depp's defense after his wife Winona Ryder, who dated the year-old actor for four years in the.

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Winona Ryder Almost Set Herself on Fire After Splitting from Johnny Depp . Following her relationship with Depp, Ryder dated Soul Asylum.

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Winona hooked up with her Edward Scissorhands costar Johnny Depp in the late '80s. Things got serious fast, and the two got engaged in.

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It was in that Johnny Depp met the gorgeous Winona Ryder, when the pair The two shared a whirlwind romance and just five months after their first date.

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Here is a concise account of Johnny Depp's dating history. He started dating Lady Ryder in and was so enthusiastic about her that he inked “Winona.

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A History of Johnny Depp's Famous Exes: Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Depp dated Twin Peaks star Sherilyn Fenn in the late '80s after the two.

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Winona Ryder The pair met on the set of Edward Scissorhands and quickly became one of the most iconic couples of the '90s (Depp and Kate Moss, .

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Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder were a hot item back in the late '80s and early ' 90s. They began dating in when she was just a teen.