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Death is complex, and scary, and earthshaking. But humans are complex, so no I don't think we can ultimately say we are selfish. Feelings.

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Even last week I heard someone yell in surprise and delight as I carried Tommy . In Greek legend, the tears Aphrodite cries on the death of her lover Adonis.

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I mean how can you not be so happy and cry over that!? She's finally taken back her narrative. Not that everyone has to be a fan. But people that respect her.

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no, I'm not crying over a fictional character, not me. I'm bawling my fucking boyfriend called me crying about the death of a book character. #true love#book I care more about fictional characters then I do real people. Do I need some kind of.

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People dying sucks. It hurts and they're Sometimes it takes all you have to not cry It's OK to Feel Nothing When Someone You Love Dies.

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You still have to do stuff, to answer people, to live up to some stupid expectations. Life doesn't wait. And then I feel guilty for wasting my time.

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When someone hurts you, cry a river, build a bridge and get over it! this is my wallpaper Tumblr Quotes Wallpaper, Tumblr Backgrounds Quotes, Desktop .. Lauter kleine Zaubermomente: Dinge, die uns einfach nur glücklich mach.

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