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If you've ever watched Lost, you'll remember that winning the lottery isn't always what it's cracked up to be. And Hurley, the character who.

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While winning the lottery might seem great, there's a darker side the lottery doesn 't want you to know. Here are the 25 Worst Lottery Winner.

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You won't want to win Mega Millions after reading these horror stories. The jackpot for the Oct. 19, , Mega Millions drawing is $1 billion, while the jackpot for the Oct. 20, , Powerball is $ million. Before the next drawing, you may want to consider these horror stories.

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Lottery winner horror stories include the tale of Jonathan Vargas who created Wrestilicious, Jack Whittaker, and lotto lout Michael Carroll. Don't copy them!.

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Not really a horror story, but a lady who worked at the same company as me won just under $ Million. They said the number of sob story.

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Most people have heard about lottery winners who lost it all, but sometimes these horror stories take especially calamitous turns. Below are nine blights you will.

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"There are countless stories of other lottery winners who have suffered the case for privacy, Doe's complaint cites a number of horror stories.

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How many of you rushed out to buy a Powerball ticket, hoping to win the $ million prize in the recent drawing? Of course you wouldn't be.