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Hytera TCU-1 Two-Way Radio - 2W, 16C UHF(MHz) - H07S. Hytera TCU2-OBR Two-Way Radio - 1W, 16C UHF(MHz) - H Hytera BDi U1 Two-Way Radio - 2W, 32C, DMR, UHF(MHz) - H

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As a market leader in PMR, Hytera brings you a versatile DMR and TETRA range , including portable radios, mobile radios, as well as supporting infrastructure in.

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Modernizing the National Radio Network in Slovakia with Hytera. Hytera is proud to be working in partnership with RADIOPOL in Slovakia to carry out a full.

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Hytera is a manufacturer of radio transceivers and radio systems. The enterprise was founded in Shenzhen, China, in and operates on a global basis.

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Here you will find two way radios from Hytera. Available in both UHF and VHF format, we sell a range of both analogue and digital radios.

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Apex offers a wide range of Hytera radios (used to be called HYT radios in the past). The current solutions that we offer include both analogue and digital radios .

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Results 1 - 48 of 92 Hytera PD DMR FM Walkie Talkie Transceiver Radio MHz The creative and compact antenna design makes the PD sleek and gives it .. and other equipment, eBay has pre-owned Hytera radios for sale.

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mika78.com: Hytera PDG-U1 4W UHF Mhz DMR Handheld: 2 Pack of Motorola CLS Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies (UHF) . the radio shut itself off when you need to receive or make an urgent transmission is not fun.

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With innovative design, Hytera BD has a better performance than analog radios. An excellent receiving ability makes the communication range extend.