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Cameron Diaz family: siblings, parents, children, husband. Does she have siblings? Who are Cameron Diaz Parents: Emilio Diaz (father), Billie Early ( mother).

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Cameron Michelle Diaz (born August 30, ) is a retired American actress, writer, and former .. In the drama, Diaz plays a former lawyer and mother of three, one of whom is dying of leukemia. A moderate commercial success, it grossed $

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Cameron Diaz flashed her mega-watt grin Saturday while hanging out with her import/export agent mother Billie in Seal Beach located seven.

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Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on the 30th of August, in San Diego, California, USA. Her parents had a mixed blood. Her father Emilio Diaz was of.

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Cameron Diaz is keen to have a baby with her husband Benji Madden but, for now, is enjoying being a.

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Cameron Diaz made her professional acting debut with her role in The Mask ( ). Read on to find more about her family: parents, siblings.