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Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the.

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An hour is a unit of time conventionally reckoned as ​1⁄24 of a day and scientifically reckoned The hour was subsequently divided into 60 minutes, each of 60 seconds. Equal or equinoctial hours were taken as ​1⁄24 of the day as measured.

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THE DIVISION of the hour into 60 minutes and of the minute into 60 seconds comes from the Babylonians who used a sexagesimal (counting in 60s) system for.

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HOURS, MINUTES AND SECONDS including. Discover in a free Until the arrival of clockwork, in the 14th century AD, an hour is a variable concept.

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"The origin of our time system of 24 hours in a day with each hour subdivided into 60 minutes and then 60 seconds is complex and interesting,".

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Well firstly, Do you know why we have only 24 hours a day? Well because we can count them easily on our finger tips (cuz we have 12 lines on.

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Another discovery was that sundials had to be specially made for different still use today (degrees / hours, minutes and seconds) was much easier to calculate.

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24 hours are divided into two parts – a day lasting 12 hours and a night lasting 12 hours; 1 hour contains 60 minutes, which also have 60 seconds each.