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Who decides who gets honours, and how does the whole system work? The honours list consists of knights and dames, appointments to the Order of the at New Year, and in mid-June on the date of the Queen's official birthday. restricted to members of the aristocracy and high-ranking military figures.

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The New Year honours list included service personnel who have been granted honours by Her Majesty the Queen.

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The Honours Committee is a committee within the Cabinet Office of the Government of the United Kingdom formed to review nominations for national honours for merit, exceptional achievement or service. Twice yearly the Honours Committee submits formal recommendations for the British monarch's New Years and Birthday Knighthoods were originally conferred as a military.

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The British honours system is a means of rewarding individuals' personal bravery , achievement A list of approximately 1, names is published twice a year, at the New Year and on the date of the Sovereign's (official) birthday. . It was originally intended to reward long and faithful service by military and police. In

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Military Aviation - RAF New Years Honours mika78.com articles/royal-air-force-new-year-honours-list .. officers have been regarded by the Whitehall clique that decides upon these things.

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service personnel have been honoured by Her Majesty the Queen in the annual New Year Honours list.

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Here you can access the Australian Honours Lists as they are published. Queen's Birthday · Australia Day · Honours Lists prior to Australia Day Honorary Appointment within the Military Division of the Order of Australia

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As 'fountain of honour' in the UK, The Queen has the sole right of conferring titles in the New Year's Honours List, and once on The Queen's official birthday. and high-ranking military figures could be appointed to an Order of chivalry, but.

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JSP is a guide to the policy on the honours and awards which are available to members Lists – Royal Navy and Royal Marines. 4B-1 to New Medal. 8D- 1 to It sets out, in particular, the list of honours years between nomination for awards in Orders and will not be considered more than 5 years.