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Loan Sharks are the seventh Cog of the Cashbot corporate ladder. Their levels range from seven to eleven. They appear only in buildings (3 or more stories tall), .

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Loan Sharks are the seventh cog on the corporate ladder of Cashbots. Their levels range from seven to eleven. They are building-only cogs, unless there is an.

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Cog Nation was never implemented to Toontown Online, nor was it known if there were plans to implement such an A group of Loan Sharks in a Cashbot Mint.

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I need to recover a love letter from a Loan Shark in the Brrrgh. I'm having a heck of a time either A) finding a 4-story or higher cashbot building.

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I normally find Loan Sharks in 4 story Cashbot buildings in Minnie's Melodyland on the Brrgh street.

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The top two cogs of every bot are only found in buildings. And since you only have 61 no one will go in cashbot with you. Try donald's.

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Well, for the part of one of the DDL tasks I'm working on, it's telling me to get Loan Sharks in cashbot hq, but you can only find them in mints.