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More recently, stem cells from the blood stream (called peripheral blood stem cells) and umbilical cord stem cells have been used to treat some of the same.

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While ten cell therapies have been approved around the world as of January , the only widely used stem cell-based therapy is bone marrow transplantation.

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You may wonder what stem cells are, how they're being used to treat disease and injury, and why they're the subject of such vigorous debate. Mayo Clinic does .

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For the first time in the world stem cells from umbical cord blood were successfully used in in France. In for the first time umbical cord blood stored in.

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What are stem cells, what makes them unique and what are stem cells used for? Stem cells are the body's natural reservoir and are essential to the maintenance.

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This finding has led researchers and clinicians to ask whether adult stem cells could be used for transplants. In fact, adult hematopoietic, or blood-forming, stem .