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Today, interplanetary spacecraft have provided abundant evidence of water on Mars, dating .. It found ice a few inches below the surface and the ice is at least 8 inches deep. When the ice is exposed to the Martian atmosphere it slowly.

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Scalloped terrain led to the discovery of a large amount of underground ice – enough water to fill Lake Superior (November 22, ). Almost all water on Mars today exists as ice, though it also exists in small quantities as vapor in.

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"This is the best direct evidence we have of subsurface water ice on Mars." Indeed, he added, "what we have found is much more ice than we.

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Far beneath the deeply frozen ice cap at Mars's south pole lies a lake of liquid water—the first to be found on the Red Planet. Detected from.

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After touching down in Mars' polar region on May 25, , the small lander observed the Martian ice, soil, and atmosphere in hopes of.

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- Although it looks like a beautiful mound of snow on the Red Planet, the Korolev crater would be more suited for ice.

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A photo taken by the European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter shows that This ice-filled crater on Mars looks like a huge alien skating rink Discovery of liquid water below planet's surface stokes hopes of finding life.

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Researchers believe they have found the first existing body of liquid A white layer of ice in a swirl shape, on the dusty landscape of Mars.

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An Italian team of scientists says it has strong evidence of a subsurface lake of liquid water on Mars. It's a discovery that adds to the speculation.