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Just got a text telling me to buy a new goodybag before 7, which is funny since it arrived at Dont want it eating into mika78.com credit.

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Solved: My Giffgaff tells me I have 7 days left on my goodybag - but I find that unclear. Can I find the expiry date somewhere?.

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Solved: Hi My goodybag expires on 22/04/ but will it run out at midnight tonight or midnight on 22/04/ Thanks.

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Solved: Is it 1 month to the minute from purchase or until midnight the night before ie take out goodybag on 16th, expires midnight on 15th of.

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Solved: My goodybag is due to expire on the 6th December, which is tomorrow. Will this be on the 6th, or on the 6th? Anyone.

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Solved: My goodybag has 1 day left. Will it expire at midnight today or will it expire at midnight tomorrow? ie. Does 1 day left mean 1 day and a.

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Can anyone let me know if when the goody bag expires at the end of data I have left or does it simply continue until the 3 months is up? My settings are currently setup to auto update with the goody bag end of each month.

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Solved: Hi. I bought a £10 goodybag on the 12th December at pm. Does the goodybag expire at pm on the 12th January or does it.

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Solved: My goodybag expires on the 6th tomorrow or after 12pm tonight. Will it expire midnight tonight or midnight tomorrow night? I don't have.

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My goody bag expires tomorrow. Will it expire of tommirriw. If you do have another goodybag lined up, it can switch over anytime from 9 pm.