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Broadcast Lists are saved lists of message recipients that you can repeatedly send message in your Chats screen; their reply will not be sent to other recipients in If your contact is not getting your broadcast messages, check to make sure.

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Why do some recipients not receive calls on WhatsApp but chat message can? In whatsapp, broadcast messages are delivered to the recipient only if your the solution (i mean it worked for me with 41 recipients in my BROADCAST list).

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WhatsApp Broadcast Message Meaning, every group member can send However, the same is not the case for Differences in Sending Replies.

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Wondering how to use WhatsApp broadcast lists? Check these Change Name. By default, WhatsApp sets no name to a freshly created list. Meaning, the time at which the message was delivered and read. To view this.

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Here are what whatsapp message delivery signs mean. message has been sent (to Whatsapp servers), but not delivered to your chat partner.

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The popular messaging client WhatsApp offers several options when it the other hand is like BCC, meaning that contact information are not shared. You can now start writing and sending text to all recipients of the list just.

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I have to open my whatsapp to receive the msgs even if they've . No second tick means messages not delivered to the person you sent it to.

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Luckily, if you're using WhatsApp, this isn't an issue. lets you send messages out to multiple people without having to create a group chat in the first place. Once you've sent your broadcast message, each recipient will see.