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A cooperative temperature and rainfall recording site was established in December in what is now Downtown Miami. An official Weather Bureau Office.

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The lowest temperature and coldest day for each year in Miami.

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The lowest recorded temperature in Miami is 30 F, although it rarely falls can swim in the ocean no matter what time of year you visit Miami.

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A cooperative temperature and rainfall recording site was established in what is now downtown Miami in December, An official Weather Bureau Office was .

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South Florida, brace yourselves for the coldest spell of the season . While videos surfaced on social media showing what people thought.

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The map below indicates the coldest temperature ever recorded in all 50 states, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric.

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These are the ten all-time hottest weather temperature days recorded in the city of Miami, Florida. The temperature data for Miami dates back to.

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Oftentimes when people say it's freezing in Miami, they might be exaggerating a bit. Not this time: The East Coast's “Bomb Cyclone” is bringing.

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Forecasters say December was also the second coldest month ever in is an average of the high and low temperatures for the entire month.