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'Bhi craic agus ceol againn': We had fun and music. Fun doesn't Officialy: What's the craic? Not specifically linked to crack of the crack-cocaine definition.

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A phrase from the Irish word craic meaning with the English/urban equivalent of: what is happening in your life since last we met./give me the cultural.

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Craic or "crack" is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, particularly prominent in Ireland. It is often used with the definite article – the craic – as in the expression "What's the craic?" (meaning "How are you?" or "What's happening?.

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The general meaning of craic (pronounced crack) is 'fun'. A variation is the greeting "what's the craic" meaning "what's happening". Craic is not originally an Irish.

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This does not mean totally avoid it, I love nothing more when I'm in Dublin Read the guide book, plan what you really REALLY want to see and do. .. you will notice the “old-World” style, of dark wood, antique style furniture.

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I think the importance of what Republicanism meant at the time the tricolour flag . but other than that, there was no furniture and the décor was sparse-with one exception. Great joy, great fun, great craic, great to be Irish!.

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Crack (slang) synonyms, Crack (slang) pronunciation, Crack (slang) translation, English dictionary definition of Crack (slang). v. cracked, crack·ing, cracks v. intr. recount, narrate, tell, recite - narrate or give a detailed account of; "Tell what .. (= damage) (in wooden furniture, woodwork) → fente f, fissure f; (in bone, dish.