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In the mid-nineteenth century the futtock band was introduced, being a metal collar fitted to the mast below the top, to which the.

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any of a number of timbers forming the lower, more curved portion of the frame in a wooden hull. You must climb out by the futtock shrouds, as every proper sailor does. One is by going along some ropes, called the futtock shrouds, when one hangs very much as a fly does crawling.

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any of several metal rods secured at their lower ends to a futtock band and at their upper ends to a futtock plate, connecting the lower mast to the topmast rigging. nautical any of several metal rods serving as a brace between the futtock plate on a lower mast and the topmast.

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futtock band · futtock head · futtock hole · futtock lines · futtock plank · futtock plate · futtock rider · futtock shroud · futtock staff · futtock timber · ground futtock.

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Advanced Search: futtock - Ship and shipbuilding terminology. base downwards and inwards to a futtock band around the mast or directly to the lower shroud.

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Ten thousand US dollars. This saying is often used by afro-american people.

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mast are steel rods, called futtock shrouds that are attached on the bottom of the mast to a futtock band. The futtocks spread outward and upward to the maintop.

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In order to through-bolt the futtocks into the ship's ceiling, we had to on this winter, we were already getting excited for what is still left to do!.

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Futshan · Futshan · Futsol · futtock · Futtock band · futtock plate · Futtock plates · futtock shroud · Futtock shrouds · futtocks · FUTU · Futuna Islands · Futur simple.