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Buy and find information on Whatman filter paper from Sigma-Aldrich, product number Z

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circles, diam. mm, pack of Synonym: Whatman filter, Whatman paper, Z, paper filter. Whatman® qualitative filter paper, Grade circles, diam.

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Back to Basics Part 1: A Guide to Types of Whatman Filter Paper Grades. Filter paper. . Circles: mm to mm (available prepleated); Sheet: x mm.

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cm Diameter Qualitative Filters; Whatman™ Grade 1 Qualitative Filter Paper; Covers a wide range of laboratory applications; frequently used for clarifying.

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Whatman Filter Paper found in: Whatman Quantitative Filter Papers, Ashless, Grade 40, Whatman Grade 1 Qualitative Filter Papers, Whatman Grade 4.

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GE Healthcare Whatman™ Quantitative Filter Paper: Grade 42 Circles Diameter: mm GE Healthcare Whatman™ Quantitative Filter Paper: Grade

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4 - mm Diameter Qualitative Standard Filter Papers Discs Circles - Complete Product Range - In Whatman mm diameter Grade Number No.

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GE Whatman No. 2 filter circles and sheets. Slightly more retentive than Grade 1 with a corresponding increase in filtration time (i.e. slightly slower filtration.