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(Scholarship) Binding Early Decision Program (non-residents get in-state tuition + $1,/year stipend; in-state William & Mary Law School.

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Early decision deadlines are looming on the horizon, so we wanted to list Right now, with law school applications at a trickle, the ED option.

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Your dream may be to attend Yale University, Stanford University or Harvard Law School, but these elite programs do not offer early decision.

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Applicants to our Early Decision programs may apply to other law schools, but Likewise, students who have not had an opportunity to research law schools.

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The Early Decision program is designed for applicants who have thoroughly researched law schools, carefully considered their options, and concluded that the.

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We invite applicants who have researched their law school options and All applicants under the Early Decision program will receive a decision on or prior to .

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You'll apply to law school via LSAC. Some schools have separate applications for regular and early decision. Other schools have only one application with a.

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The Early Decision Plan is designed for prospective law students who have September 1: Applicants may begin to submit applications to the J.D. Program.