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When it comes to representing 1, with 'k', choose a style guide that is . Originally Answered: Why does the letter 'K' stand for a thousand, e.g. 5k = 5, ?.

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search. Question from Larry: I have heard that Million is annotated as MM. But I have heard two answers for Thousands (K, M). Which is correct?.

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Here's a historical background on the usage of word K for thousand.

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Just for your general knowledge, this article will tell you why does the Letter “K” stand for thousand. If you don't know the answer, check it out.

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A writing tip on expressing the number thousand with the letter K.

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I was curious to know and discovered that it was 'Year bug'. Since then, using 'K' for a thousand (anything) hasn't been an uncommon.

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I worked in banking for 27 years (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Bank of America), and my experience in financial services was that M.

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or one thousand is the natural number following and preceding In most The SI prefix for a thousand is kilo-, with the official symbol k—for instance, prefixed to "metre" or its A court in Frankfurt the numbers '' constituted an insult the numerals stand for the letters ACAB's position in the alphabet.