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MM EMLA is one of the more vigorous semi-dwarf rootstocks, producing a tree about 85 to % the size of seedling. MM EMLA produces a free-standing tree and does not need support, and it is more precocious than seedling and is fairly productive when trees are mature.

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An apple tree on M9 can readily grow to the same height as a tree on MM if you let it or encourage it. The great thing about M27 is that it allows you to grow a lot of different apple trees in a small space. Apple trees on M27 also have another interesting characteristic.

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Penn State participates in multi-state apple rootstock trials, such the NC rootstock project. The following rootstock descriptions and.

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With size-controlling rootstocks tree size has been reduced and the number of trees per acre, referred to as tree density, has increased.

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The rootstock also affects the kind of soil you can plant into and how the M I wish my dwarf trees were on MM Most of them are not.

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Most rugged rootstock for apples. Vigorous, deep-rooted, tolerates wet soil, dry soil, poor soil. Cold-hardy. Unpruned tree height of standard varieties 18' to