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Biosecurity in a horticultural sense can be defined as 'a set of measures that can be put in place at the national, regional or production nursery level to protect.

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Biosecurity poster to go up at airports to warn about plant movement pest and disease risks - from Horticulture Week.

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Plant health is at the root of horticulture. It is important to minimize risks to Canada's plant health and biodiversity in order to protect our food security and.

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May 3, The future looks brighter for Australian horticulture due to the finalisation of biosecurity plans for the pineapple, tomato, blueberry and tree nut.

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Forestry as part of the Engaging in Biosecurity initiative to increase the horticulture sector's capacity to reduce the impact of exotic plant pests. BFVG would also.

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Crops. Australia's relative isolation and extensive quarantine system help to prevent the introduction of exotic pests, diseases and weeds. But rapid increases in.

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You are here: Home > Agriculture > Horticulture > Moving plants and plant products The department manages Victorian plant biosecurity issues in These objectives are supported by the Plant Biosecurity Act and.

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Under the Plant Biosecurity Act , management of biosecurity risks is an local communities, the horticulture industry and trade for Victoria.

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The threats to plant biosecurity have increased with the globalisation in trade .. agricultural, horticultural and forestry sectors are able to withstand the impact of.