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This is exactly what happened. Rin was forcefully made the jinchuriki of Isobu, taking in minf that the Kirigakure will control her to not only kill Kakashi but to get .

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Game, Naruto Shipp┼źden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations . It is not known what became of Rin's body after she died, but it is presumed that Obito either.

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When they were on a mission in the Hidden Mist, the Hidden Mist ninja captured Rin and made her into the 3 tails' Jinchuuriki. Their purpose.

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However, Obito goes on to kill the Amegakure Shinobi (Ninja of the Rain village) because of his drive of emotions deeply centred around Rin.

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Obito Uchiha, even though crushed under the rock near Kannabi Bridge entrusted Rin's safety to Kakashi. But, unfortunately Kakashi couldn't protect Rin and.

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Surely the death of his teammate Rin happened by his hand, but it was not Kakashi who Rin Nohara dies in Naruto Shippuden Episode