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(ベストバトルはしゃーんなろー!!, Besuto Batoru wa Shānnarō!!) is episode 42 of the original Naruto anime. Sakura and Ino's battle rages on. With both nearly out of chakra, Ino tries a desperate move: her Mind Body Switch Technique.

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Best Answer: Episode , it's a very good episode. Source(s). Itachi · 7 years ago. 2 Ino And Sakura. Source(s): mika78.com

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Sep 19, With Ino and Sakura? I'm not sure this happened, not at least in canon episodes. However I think this may be of some help. What episode of Naruto is it where.

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Ino and Sakura are both kunoichi who represent the village of Konoha. They were best friends when they were younger, but when they both found out that they.

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The first season of the Naruto anime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Studio . After expressing disgust toward Sakura when she blames Naruto's stupidity on not having parents, Sasuke finds After his sneak attack failed, Sasuke attempts to fight Kakashi before being buried up to his neck underground.

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Aug 31, The two would become best friends, and with Ino's help Sakura gained Naruto is shunned out of society and Sakura treats him like most of the village does, But when Naruto and Sasuke are incapacitated after a fight with.