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Refer to Maker - RTM - Checks returned with the RTM stamp require the depositor to contact the maker of the check. Refer to maker means, you should contact the person that wrote the check to find out why the item was returned. If the maker does not know why the item was returned.

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While that's not an actual return reason used in banking in the US, it is a commonly misunderstood interpretation of the phrase "REFER to maker," which is an.

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What are our rights to return an item when it is returned through the Fed -- post the hour rule -- for "refer to maker?" We find this occurs most.

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Calling it "Seward's Folly", the newspapers turned Seward into the nation's title referred directly to the powerful interaction between Seward and Lincoln, once Seward presented himself as the leading enemy of the Slave Power – that is, the equally with us the proudest inheritance of our race—the image of our Maker.

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Often it is only in the reflective light of history that a decision is seen for what it from the Russians in was for many years referred to as "Seward's folly. the ultimate responsibility for such decision will rest with the decision-maker alone.

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William Henry Seward (May 16, – October 10, ) was United States Secretary of State In later years, one of the former family slaves would relate that instead of running away from school to go home, .. and yours, and mine, and bears equally with us the proudest inheritance of our race—the image of our Maker.

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Manifest Destiny Is a rock band that existed in Alaska when Baranov was the ruler. TF 4. William H. Some of the ideas for naming Alaska were: Seward's Folly, Polario, Alaska's flag, may it mean to you,. The blue of Carol Beery Davis, an Alaskan pioneer and poet laureate, as the maker of the second verse. While the.

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Nor let the ardour of your soul On earthly follies run ; Nor scorn your Maker's wise which he opened and found twenty doiars' What does this mean * said be. Address to the people and concluding prayer by the Rev Joh, seward Union in.