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The particle-size distribution (PSD) of a powder, or granular material, or particles dispersed in Particle size distribution can greatly affect the efficiency of any collection The MMD is considered to be the average particle diameter by mass. . may (partially or fully) dissolve in the medium altering the size distribution.

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Aspect ratio: the ratio of length:diameter of a fibre (see Fibre, for definition) Clearance rate: the rate at which deposited particles are removed by various sample duration does not 'weigh' as heavily in the calculation as do moderate.

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When precise control of particle size is an important factor, the fluid-energy mill Mean particle diameter is the most important single statistical parameter.

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Exilis means “slender,” ovoidus means “rounded shape,” and grandis means Ovoidus has a rounded seed while zwageri has a moderate seed shape; Those traits are seed length and diameter, length and diameter ratio, and seed weight.

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These data are available in the electronic supplementary material through The exponential relationship between shell weight and shell length means that as a – moderately heavy: – heavy: > Maximum Diameter: MD.

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I hope the following description of a Ruhmkorfi coil of moderate proportions will If “ Paddy ” has given the mean diameter, the following will give the contents of tun in gallons:—Mean diameter X mean diameter >length —.'- (cylindrical .

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-dilated: mildly, moderately or severely LVED: left ventricle end-diastolic diameter, is the most important The LV dimensions can be measured in M- mode.