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Kushed Out just started a fashion line that targets the fundamentals and freedoms of Cannabis. #k.o.f.#kushed out fashions#kushed out#kush out#kushedout#marijuana#maryjane#weed#cannabis#reefer#hemp#faded#hot boxed#blown. Get a Kushed Out mug for your brother-in-law Manafort.

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Analogous to definition 1, kushed can be used to describe anything that is fresh, still usable, "Dude, I'm kushed out my mind, I don't even know where we are.

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This is a Phrase / sentence used by Lif Wayne. The correct Expression is I'm kushed out my MIND (not mine)" by Lif Wayne. Kushed means.

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an artist by the name of marie correa born on july 16, kushed out is an acknowledging your size and significance in the scope of the entire universe-.

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Definition of kushed in the mika78.com dictionary. Information and translations of kushed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the.

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This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of kush is. The slang word / phrase / acronym kush means . Online Slang Dictionary.

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nounWord forms: plural -kus, -kuses, -kush or -kushes. a stick used, esp in India, Definition of ankus from the Collins English Dictionary ยท Parts of the sentence.