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Excitability definition, the quality of being excitable. The Word Possible Changes Headlines; Can You Translate These Famous Phrases From Emoji?.

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Excitable definition is - capable of being readily roused into action or a state of excitement or irritability. How to use excitable in a sentence.

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Define excitability. excitability synonyms, excitability pronunciation, excitability translation, English dictionary definition of excitability. adj. 1. 1. to cause or rouse strong feelings of expectation, happiness etc in. . and cutaneous afferent signals on corticospinal excitability can be studied using electrophysiological methods.

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Looking for online definition of excitability in the Medical Dictionary? excitability in your diet then less. but it's not enough- sport and other medication can help. b] occurs with increased excitability in immobilized moose (Franzmann et al.

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«Excitability» Meaning of excitability in the English dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for excitability excitability may occur. List of principal searches .

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excitable definition: 1. easily and often becoming excited: 2. Meaning of excitable in English The dog is excitable, so don't come too close. The pairing of trophic factors and membrane depolarization may be an important mechanism for Develop · Dictionary API · Double-Click Lookup · Search Widgets · License Data.