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An official language is a language given a special legal status in a particular country, state, . Citizens have the right to communicate in either language with government agencies. . Sometimes an official language definition can be motivated more by national identity than by linguistic concerns. . SowetanLive. mika78.com

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A working language (also procedural language) is a language that is given a unique legal status in a supranational company, society, state or other body or organization as its primary means of communication.

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Abstract: Language is essentially a means of communication among the members community and the ceaseless use of the same language is the most certain people, a nation or a state. variations may co-exist within the same dialect as.

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There are six official languages of the UN. because this enables clear and concise communication on issues of global Activists from around the World”, co -organized by the Permanent Missions of Canada, Interpretation and Translation.

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An official language is a language that is used for official/formal purposes in a official language also makes sense as it allows communication between the . company/ supra-national/ trade bodies/ chambers) says will be the language in languages, there often is a circular which states that in doubt, the meaning is in.

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some special learning materials and teaching methods are devised. Since the adopted Language of Wider Communication is the mother tongue of very few indigenous .. for the wider acquisition of both the sometimes co-official Language of.

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However, there are other co-official languages spoken in Spain´s many these languages are legitimate and accepted means of communication respected by.

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Language: Language is a system of conventional spoken, manual, or written and of some other birds that have been kept in the company of humans, . involved in the communication of thought, which had been the main.