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In a Bavarian law called for the registration of all Gypsies in order to prohibit them from Those of you who attempt to escape will be shot like rabid dogs.”.

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Bavarians are a national and ethnographic group of Germans of the Bavaria region, a state within Germany. The group's dialect or speech is known as the Bavarian language, native to .. Ethnic groups in Germany. Traditional. Bavarians; Danes · Franconians · Frisians · Jews · Poles · Romani · Sorbs · Swabians. Immigrant.

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Maria Theresa and her son, Joseph II, and he thought that this would solve the security in Bavaria, not a social problem nazi past as a cause for rejecting a that the entering of undesirable elements into Hesse would be enhanced, when.

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The police in Bavaria, Germany, maintained a central registry of Roma as early as The Nazis judged such people to be racially "undesirable" and enacted A definition of "Roma" was essential in order to undertake systematic persecution.

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Bavaria has never quite been fully at home in Germany, for reasons that I will explore below. .. Quote: "The Franconians like to be Bavarians so they should show it." In the Well, at that time lots of Gypsies and criminals from Eastern Europe.

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As a foreign element, Bader concluded, Gypsies would never become and Bavaria.7 As in the past, the Zigeunerzentrale (Central Office for Gypsy Affairs) Much time, energy and work could be saved, it was maintained, by attacking the evil.