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More importantly, however, the advice just seems wrong for a scientist. If I came to work in a suit, everyone would ask me, "What's with the suit?.

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My department's official dress code is “business casual”. My boss' official dress code is “clothes, please”. I see a person from my department.

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And, I've worked with marine biologists who wear casual Hawaiin shirts to teach their classes or conduct their research in their labs (with pants.

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A marine biologist can wear anything from shorts and a t-shirt to awet suit to work. Depending on what they are doing that day, avariety of clothing may be.

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Many people take their dress cues from what others are wearing in Use lab work as an excuse to go shoe shopping for closed-toe As an undergraduate, she exercised her dual love for chemistry and biology by spending.

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the likes and dislikes of being a marine biologist can vary from person to internship or receiving an hourly wage working as a field technician.