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Curious to find out your place on the hemospectrum? Want to know if you are a highblood or lowblood? I am advertising this quiz in order for.

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(ie Where Are You on the Hemospectrum?) The trolls of Alternia and Beforus have various castes based on the colour of a troll's blood -- if you.

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What is the Colour of Your Blood? (Homestuck). Just For Fun January 26, ( ie Where Are You on the Hemospectrum?) The trolls of Alternia and Beforus.

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Edit well i didn't understand some question so i made this quiz again:/ and now i don't have cerc.

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Find out where you sit on the hemospectrum based on your real life. ALSO, since there are only ten spots, I'm getting rid of Magenta(Feferi) and.

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Basically, this is just a random quiz about what color your blood would be if you were a troll in Homestuck. I hope you enjoy, and sorry if it's not.

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Got it! Personality Quiz. Homestuck blood. Quiz introduction. a random quiz mostly based on your personality to see what your homestuck blood color would be.

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So, once you read about your personality, you can skim other Blood (doesn't match you up to the same color btw) So imagine your walking alone in an empty .

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You don't even have to be homestuck trash like me to take this test! Round the number if necessary, and that would be your blood color if you.

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Yeah so here is how it works! You need to figure out your sun sign, and your moon sign. There is a calculator similar to this one out there, but it.