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differances in water temps. The poles are cold and the equator is warm. atlantic current flows north pacific current flows south. atlantic water is.

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Deep ocean currents are driven by density and temperature gradients. Coriolis forces cause ocean currents to move clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Like surface currents, gravity plays a role in the creation of deep water currents but these are mainly caused by density differences in the water.

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Cold currents don't so much move either way, but drift and mix with the warmer water at the equator. - At the equator the sea is warm, at the.

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Convection currents (Thermals) are due to the sun heating the Earth's surface. This causes the heated air above the higher temperature areas.

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Paris (France) (AFP) - A system of Atlantic Ocean currents that "This freshwater caused the AMOC to weaken because it prevented the waters.

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(The hole in the sea ice as seen by NASA satellite imagery on September the polynya has persisted — so whatever force caused it to form is strong Water, according to NASA, which feeds into deep ocean currents and.