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I drove for Roehl and Swift trucks passed us all the time. Our trucks are governed to 61 MPH on cruise control and 63 MPH when you.

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trucks are all governed at 65 i guess for insurance reasons because of all the students they put on the road over all there a Good company and.

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Calling it a "huge change," Swift announced its company trucks "will go from 60 mph on the pedal and 62 mph on Swift ups trucks to 65 mph; now allows dogs onboard If anything the trucks should be governed at 70mph.

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“Details: Effective November 27th, , Swift company trucks will go from 60 mph on the pedal and 62 mph on cruise, to 63 on the pedal and.

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What speeds are company trucks governed at for all the major companies. I'm curious Same for Most Large companies like Swift,Werner etc.

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For those that remember me, I work for swift and have 6 months of exp now! You were penalized for going 75 in an 80 because their trucks are governed?.

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Yes I know I am working with Swift and although Swift is a great company to work . He and another truck were apparently governed at close to the same speed.

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Swift is speeding up their trucks and I'm pretty pumped. Why do you think Swift announced that they're raising the governed speed of the trucks in the middle.

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Is the truck governed on expereince or division of USX?? I worked for Swift in the mid 90 s when the trucks were governed at 56 mph if I.