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Jun 4, Hello, I have started hearing faint thumping noise in my Murano, coming from Does the noise get really bad when you drive in tight circles?.

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Jan 30, Tires can give off a thumping sound due to irregular wear or a shifted belt. If you can hear the noise outside the car (window open) while driving.

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If you hear a regular thumping or vibration that varies with your speed as you're driving down the road, the tires are usually the culprit. Many times, the tread in.

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Main point: A rythmic thumping sound from the front end could be a bad the tires while driving pay attention to witch side makes more noise.

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Nov 3, Cape Town - Somewhere while you were driving today, you heard a strange sound coming from your car. A sound that you know means.

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Sep 28, so today a thump started in my front end for no apparent reason. it miles before i heard any noise. also the thumping stops when i hit.

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May 10, My wife's Ford Taurus makes a thumping sound when driving. In idle, there is no noise, but when driving slow, there is a very pronounced.

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Aug 27, Over the last two days, traveling from Oklahoma to Kentucky, what started as a very slight thumping sound while driving down the highway grew.

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Sep 12, Is it a thudding noise only? Or is there also a shudder to the car? My Mom's truck had a terrible shimmy when driving between and it was.