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The nose is _____ to the mouth. superior. inferior. below, under,lower than, The cheeks are ____ to the nose. lateral. medial. toward the midline. The nose is .

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the spine is ___ to the esophagus. posterior. the nose is ___ to the cheek. proximal. the spine is on the ___ side of the body. posterior. the arm is ___ to the torso.

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The nose is _____ to the cheekbones. lateral. The thumb is _____ to the ring finger. superior. The thorax is _____ to the abdomen. superficial. The skin is _____.

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Plast Reconstr Surg. Sep 15;(4) Defects of the nose, lip, and cheek: rebuilding the composite defect. Menick FJ(1). Author information.

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A year-old man presented to his family physician (FP) with a painful red and swollen nose and right cheek that had been bothering him for a day. He denied.

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supporting the lips, nose and lower eyelids. Peripherally, it frames the face. Skin quality and cheek volume are important in facial appearance, as illustrated by.