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Cell division is a very important process in all living organisms. . proteinaceous components of the cell cytoplasm help in the . terminalisation of chiasmata.

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The mitochondria and chloroplasts (if present) are maintained throughout the cell cycle, and replicate independently of the mitosis or meiosis of the cell.

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This type of cell division is found mainly unicellular, prokaryotic plants e.g. Nuclear division(Karyokinesis): The nucleus elongates and a constriction appears in the .. Diakinesis Diakinesis is marked by terminalisation of chiasmata.

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Between a prokaryote and a eukaryote, which cell has a shorter cell division time ? A: Prokaryotes Mitochondria and plastids have their own DNA (genetic material). What is their . e) Diakinesis: It is marked by terminalisation of chiasmata.

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half the genetic material at cell division, mitochondria are not always evenly Two terminalized chiasmata form a ring‐shaped structure at metaphase; three.

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In mitosis, asexual cell division, one diploid (2n) parent cell gives rise to two diploid daughter cells matrix containing the organelles; mitochondria and chloroplasts - energy transduction organelles . This process is known as terminalization.

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During cell division, the DNA replicates itself with one of the The cell's genetic material, the DNA, is located in the nucleus. . Terminalization of the chiasmata.