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Begin by placing your fingers on the board in the starting position. Many tricks begin with the index finger placed right behind the front wheels and the middle.

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Fingerboarding is a fun micro-sport that lets you "ride" and perform tricks on a miniature skateboard If you really want to make sure your fingerboard is right for you, test it out by rolling it back and . Ollie on a Tech Deck Using Three Fingers.

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Fingerboards (also called tech decks) are a fun toy and novelty, but can get top of the deck that allows you to control and do neat tricks with your fingerboard.

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When you've got fingerboards, you'll also need somewhere to do the tricks. You can build your own Search for something like "Tech Deck Ramps". Helpful?.

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Learn everything you want about Fingerboards and Tech Decks with the wikiHow Fingerboards and Tech Decks Category. Learn about topics such as How to.

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A Tech-Deck is a small version of a skateboard. your uncle. It comes with Then you can get markers and draw on the bottom to customize your deck your way.

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Add stickers if you want. Don't get frustrated when trying. You can use wood if you want a stronger tech deck; Try to put the blank side on the bottom and top of.

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How to Make a Simple Ramp for Your Tech Deck -- via Literally, the gorilla characters will be doing skateboard tricks that will fascinate the.