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Rudolf Ivanovich Abel (Russian: Рудольф Иванович Абель), real name Vilyam " Willie" . After rejoining the KGB in , Fisher was trained as a spy for entry into the United States. In October .. On February 10, , he was exchanged for the shot-down American U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. The exchange took.

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Oct 14, Soviet spy 'Colonel' Rudolf Abel made headlines with his U.S. in and later exchanged for imprisoned American Francis Gary Powers.

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, American spy pilot Francis Gary Powers is released by the Soviets in latter prophecy came true in when he was exchanged for Powers in Berlin.

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Francis Gary Powers, an American who was shot down over the Soviet Union however, that Abel was being exchanged for Powers—a spy-for-a-spy trade, not .

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Nov 28, Vin Arthey, author of Abel: The True Story of the Spy They Traded for Gary Powers, believes the years he spent in the North East would have.

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Jan 3, The deal allowed US spy plane pilot Gary Powers to return home - but . Powers was traded for the Soviet intelligence officer, Vilyam Fisher.

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Jan 4, He was exchanged in for the American aviator Francis Gary Powers, who had been imprisoned as a spy in the Soviet Union since

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Oct 15, On February 10, , Powers was exchanged in Berlin for a Soviet spy, Rudolf Abel, on Glienicke Bridge, the site central to the Spielberg film.