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Aug 24, **Vol Spoilers ahead!** Before you go saying that I am writing fake spoilers, please note, I reiterate that THESE ARE NOT MY SUMMARIES.

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Six people called Braves of the Six Flowers are chosen by the Goddess of Fate . ending theme used from episodes and 10 is "Dance in the Fake" by Yoko.

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A group of the six braves would have arrived simultaniously and the trap It didn' t really surprise me to find out, Nashetania was the fake.

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In battle, she wears white armor with a headgear featuring two fake rabbit ears, and He says that he believes he will become a Brave, one of the six chosen.

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Adlet replied that he believes he will become a Brave, one of the six chosen . and announced that there was a Seventh Flower - a fake Brave - standing among .

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Spoilers ahead, read if you really want to know. I came to Japan for a business trip last week. So, I went and bought all 6 volumes of Rokka no.