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Not on any major or formal scale, no. There weren't any major manufacturers of repeating (pump, lever, automatic) shotguns in the UK that I know of, and the.

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This is a list of infantry weapons of World War I (–). Contents. 1 Republic of Armenia Peabody–Martini–Henry M Machine guns. Maxim M Shotguns. Browning Auto-5 (Used by Garde Civique). Grenades. Mills Nos. 5, 23 and

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A combat shotgun is a shotgun that is intended for use in an offensive role, typically by a military force. The earliest shotguns specifically designed for combat were the trench guns or trench shotguns issued in World War I. While the British Army and local forces of Malaya used shotguns to great effect due to limited space.

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The British officially adopted the Lewis machine gun in calibre for Land and Aircraft use in October machine gun of the era, such as the Vickers machine gun, and was chosen in part because.

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Chief among them was quick-firing artillery, which could deluge soldiers with Finally, the most primitive weapons of all, clubs and knives, were used in the.

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Which weapons were used? The war was fought using a wide range of weapons, from personal guns like pistols and rifles, to larger weapons like machine guns.

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The standard rifle of the British army during World War I was the Lee-Enfield, a variation of a weapon that had been used by the army.