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Mean RVSWI was ± for patients. There was a significant relation between mean pulmonary artery pressure (mPAP), RVSWI, RV.

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The accuracy of RVCPI in detecting RV failure was compared with the criterion standard, the RV stroke work index (RVSWI) obtained through right heart.

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* is a conversion term to equalize units. Also: RVSWI = SI * (MPAP - CVP) * ; and. RVSWI = (CI/HR) * MPAP *

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Do not force balloon inflation to obtain PCW. • If truly “wedged”, blood no longer moving so proximal pressure will equal distal pressure,. e.g. left atrial pressure.

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➢RVSWI. PRELOAD ASSESSMENT. • Starling defined “preload” as end. Starling defined “preload” as end-diastolic volume diastolic volume.

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RV stroke work (RVSWI) and end-diastolic volume. (RVEDVI), termed the preload recruitable stroke work relation, was plotted using linear regression.

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RVSWI = right ventricular stroke work index. of , , and 1, mL of Hespan) was repeated on. POD 2 (Table 2). Indices of RV function were repeated.

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Right ventricular stroke work index (RVSWI) Amount of work the right ventricle performs with each heartbeat; increases or decreases depending upon changes .

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What effect does epinephrine have on CI & RVSWI. Increases it. What hemodynamic effect is with Cor-pulmonale? Increased CVP & RAP. What hemodynamic.