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Retroinfection definition is - infection contrary to the usual course; specifically: infection communicated to a mother by her fetus.

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Looking for online definition of retroinfection in the Medical Dictionary? retroinfection explanation free. What is retroinfection? Meaning of retroinfection medical.

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Pinworm infection usually occurs via ingestion of infectious eggs by direct Retroinfection is also possible, where some of the pinworm larvae which hatch on.

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What is the meaning of Retro-infection? Showing results from over word lists.

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What is "retroinfection". Could not find any definition of word "retroinfection". See also: words rhyming with retroinfection, words from word "retroinfection", words.

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Pinworm infection, also known as enterobiasis, is a human parasitic disease caused by the . According to Burkhart (), when this retroinfection occurs, it leads to a heavy parasitic load and ensures that the pinworm infestation continues.