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The disgraced captain of the Rena has apologised publicly to New Zealanders for Disgraced skipper says 'sorry' and reveals how it happened. on the way to the Port of Tauranga on October 5 last year, his 44th birthday.

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A team of Herald reporters charts the Rena disaster as it unfolds from the It's the captain's birthday and stars are visible in a partly cloudy sky as the m .. how could the Government ensure the same will not happen with.

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The Rena struck Astrolabe Reef, 20km off Tauranga, at full speed of the Rena is believed to have happened on the captain's 44th birthday.

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Rena – reader poem contribution It was the captain's birthday. In the past 18 months so many disasters have happened in our lovely.

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Stranded cargo ship Rena was last night at the point of breaking. celebrated his 44th birthday the evening Rena ploughed into Astrolabe Reef. It is not .. level recovery from those responsible for this environmental disaster.

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Rena's passage plans were repeatedly changed to make up time, report finds. year, a Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) interim report reveals. Statements from the second mate and master about what happened in the master's birthday, as rumours had suggested, Thompson said.