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The Reign of Terror represents a fairly disappointing conclusion to a reasonably solid first season of Doctor Who. I won't argue that the show's.

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The Reign Of Terror” (season 1, episodes Which is to say, this is the first Doctor Who script by Dennis Spooner, who would soon .. plan to keep doing so, so future reviews should include “The Green Death,” “The Ice.

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Story: Claiming he has brought Ian and Barbara home, the Doctor soon "Don't Lose Your Head - The Making of Reign of Terror" documentary (25 min.).

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The Reign of Terror () is one of those stories which holds a The TARDIS lands The Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian in France, , during history was explored in much depth merely two episodes ago in The Aztecs.

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HomeDoctor Who – The Reign of Terror. Episode Five – A Mr White Goes To Westminster – Simply Media DVD Review · Doctor Who – The.

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A Review by Stuart Gutteridge; Viva Le Generic Revolution by Peter Niemeyer Most of the regulars don't convey a deep sense of jeopardy, but after the The Reign of Terror is notable as being the first Doctor Who story to feature real.