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So occasionally my PS3 freezes, and when it does it's mostly on MW3. Sometimes I can play a few different games without a single freeze.

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I have a eye camera attached. the games I have been playing are LBP and . to restart my ps3 more and more due to the freezing of games.

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my friend keeps playing games on my ps3 and saying they freeze i dont hav this problem at home with my games the only difference is he has internet and hes.

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[PS3]The ULTIMATE Guide On Avoiding Freezing + Corrupting Data .. HAHA! any map can crash, depends how long you been playing the game. but.

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Question: My PS3 game keeps freezing at random intervals. What can I do? Answer:1) Delete the games install data. This is done via the PS3.

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Ps3 is freezing randomly during gta 5 and god of war 3 wont go pass first If you can play only digital fine, then you might need a new PS3 Blu-Ray Drive. Its just disc based games, don't have any downloaded content on it.