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I test Outlook Anywhere with Basic and NTLM Authentication and all works Exchange published by port directly (without any listeners)!.

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Summary: Learn about the network ports that are used by Exchange and Exchange for client access and mail flow. Windows apps · OneDrive · Outlook · Skype · OneNote. PCs & Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) SMTP clients (authenticated), /TCP (authenticated SMTP), The default.

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The Outlook Anywhere authentication method you choose will depend on or if the firewall being used does not support NTLM authentication.

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Hi everyone,. I'm currently evaluating XG and I've run into a big problem - I just CAN'T get Outlook Anywhere with NTLM authentication to work through WAF.

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The Windows RPC over HTTP Proxy component, which Outlook traffic to traverse network firewalls without requiring RPC ports to be opened.

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Specify the MAPI Exchange port for optimization. Outlook Anywhere allows for a VPN-less connection as the MAPI RPC protocol is tunneled over HTTP or HTTPS. When using HTTP, Outlook can only use NTLM proxy authentication.

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I have configured Outlook Anywhere on a WIndows /Exchange server. The possible reason why a client pre-authenticated behind firewall works is it.