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Letkajenkka, also known as Letkajenka in English and many other languages, is a Finnish dance. Contents. 1 History of the music genre Letkajenkka/Letkis.

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Jenkka is a fast Finnish partner dance found in Finnish folk dance, the Finnish version of the schottische. It is danced to music in 4 or 4 time signature, with about.

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Jenka Portraits Original Remastered Halloween Sprites Original Remastered Jenka is named after "Letkajenkka", a Finnish folk dance and musical score.

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the entire wiki with video and photo galleries find something The steps of Letkajenkka are like the steps of Bunny Hop, a novelty dance from the s. Letkajenkka by Erik Lindström; Letkis by Rauno Lehtinen; Doin' the Jenka (trad.) .

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Accordind to wikipedia: “Letkajenkka, anglicized to letkis, is a Finnish dance that was invented in the early 's on the basis of the folk dance.

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'March of the Mods (Finnjenka Dance)' is the full name of the music. there was one a set of steps for the related Letkajenkka on Wikipedia but the differences.