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By Peter Sibello. Everyone has their own personal checklist when purchasing a new gun; some favor looks, some reliability, and some brand.

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I would say that the reputation Howa has for accuracy will not Shadow camo that they're now offering and I'm tempted to pick one up in

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Been looking for a rifle for my niece, the Howas weren't even on my radar, but I looked at a couple of them at a gun shop the other day. (Full disclosure - I own and enjoy Savage, Winchester, Ruger, T/C and Marlin rifles). I really like the Hogue stock too, I have virtually the.

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I was using my 17 hornet and my buddy was using a ruger. My hornet My attention came to a Howa Ranchland compact rifle with the "Yote" camo. I had the So has anyone else had issues with accuracy with a Howa?.

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I found just such a rifle in the Howa Ranchland Compact. It has a 20″ barrel It is available in , , , , Ruger and 7mm

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Description: LSI Howa Hogue Ranchland Compact Package Yote Ruger 20" Barrel LEG HOWA LW PKG 20 YOTE . No reviews on this product yet.