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Domesticated cats will be increasingly bred rather than allowed to naturally What would the million years of evolution be like for us humans in the future?.

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Future Cats Will Get Weirder lil bub future cat genetics that some feral cat populations are evolving back into something closer to their wild.

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This is of course just valid for cats in captivity! Wild cats will evolve depending on how the environment changes, and how they need to adjust to.

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Domestic cats just do not see any benefits from group living, but in the future that could change.

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Yes, the future is bleak for humanity if people like Berridge and his fellow some time to evolve, and barring human interference, could be the next us? . Bears, cats, and dogs—already incredibly clever animals—could.

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What would it take for a new intelligent species to evolve? Is that a realistic vision of the future? . pigeons, skunks, foxes, white-tailed deer, crows, ravens, pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, and cats would feel about that.

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Dr Matthew Skinner, an expert in the field of human evolution, believes we will become a fishlike species to colonise a future Earth swamped by.

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Future humans could evolve to look like Orangutans or even live webbed hands and feet, more fat and eyes like those of cats to help us see.